What Does Wintry Winter Means To Fresno?

At the end of 2015 snow fall came all time high on the mountains in Fresno. California is going through a tough drought for about 6 years now. This year, the cold winter forecast means we have a miraculous gift for Christmas 2015. In fact residents living at the foothill experienced a day of beautiful…

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EHOP Designs Message

Ever wonder what EHOP Designs is all about? Below is a video to show you where we stand. Come and visit our store. Click on EHOP DESIGNS. 

When Will You Ever Become Picture-Perfect??

[cincopa AsIAxhaUWaLm] Have you ever heard couples making these statements in their arguments like:  “When will you ever..?” The bottom-line statement to our spouses when we make these claims is:  “YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!” How many of us at some point in our lives, we have to struggle with this statement of accusation? Today,…

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Sign Of Life, Refreshing Hope

[cincopa AkGAujKoQ26j] In line with the theme for March this year, we are creating our designs according to seasons. And of course, since spring is on its way, spring is what we have in mind this month. We have created a delightful new design for kids. Children are most active in spring, with lots of…

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Love Unites & Transforms!

Do you know? The month of February is all about love. I started pondering on the subject of love and the impact of it on our families and cities. I began to question what love is able to do and 2 words came into my mind. They are “UNITE” and “TRANSFORM”. And I thought: “That…

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A Family Thrives On Respect And Honor!

Are you tired of seeing no positive change in your family? How about learning what respect and honor can do to your family if you practice them consistently on each other . Today, I will share about these two values and their effect on our families. Respect and Honor EHOP latest Designs created this message….

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What’s Missing? Here!

Ever wonder what is missing as this design indicates?  Have you figure out the answer yet? Have you taken time to examine a picture and ponder about what message it brings to you?EHOP Designs creates this puzzling design hoping that people will begin to look deep and discover  some most important messages that maybe hidden…

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Love, Peace, Joy & Hope Are The Language Of A Healthy Family.

[cincopa AMPAFSswaqPB] Have you ever asked: What makes this family work?” “What is that special formula they have that we don’t?” “Why is keeping my family together so difficult?” “Why do I even try any more?” If you examine these questions, you will notice that in all of these, there is a lack of all…

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A Legacy Of Love Or Destruction?

  [cincopa A8NA0QMbZSi8] Food For Thought One of my favorite designs from EHOP on a throw pillow has a question: “What would you leave behind for your children..” follows by: “A legacy of love or destruction?” Interestingly, this question has 2 parts to it. One attempts to examine on material inheritance, while the other, attempts…

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Welcome to EHOP Designs

[cincopa AQEACTsOZii-]   A Dream To Pursue One of the most interesting projects that I have done, is the creation of EHOP Designs. EHOP Designs is an online store on Cafepress selling designer T-shirts and gifts with an objective to promote good  healthy family values . Divorce rates are on the rise over the recent…

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