What Does Wintry Winter Means To Fresno?

What Does Wintry Winter Means To Fresno?

At the end of 2015 snow fall came all time high on the mountains in Fresno. California is going through a tough drought for about 6 years now. This year, the cold winter forecast means we have a miraculous gift for Christmas 2015. In fact residents living at the foothill experienced a day of beautiful snow falling on Christmas Eve. What a wonderful surprise for them..

The start of 2016 is going great for Fresno. The more snow we get, the more water we’ll have during summer time. For the farmers in Fresno, its always a welcome. I’m sure they are looking forward to the additional water for the Central Valley. Could it mean we are beginning to experience the end of the 6 years drought? God has indeed provided.

This is why, EHOP Designs came up with this beautiful design. A hope that signify the end of drought for California. Please continue to pray for California. Let this be truly the end of our years of long-suffering drought. Let the snow keep coming.. let it fall.. let it fall.

Enjoy the cold all & may it be a year full of many more blessings and joy.


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