What’s Missing? Here!

What’s Missing? Here!

Ornament (Round)

Ever wonder what is missing as this design indicates?  Have you figure out the answer yet? Have you taken time to examine a picture and ponder about what message it brings to you?EHOP Designs creates this puzzling design hoping that people will begin to look deep and discover  some most important messages that maybe hidden or ignored in our daily life. First, begin with what you do see. Some trees both tall and short? Big and small? A bridge that attempts to captivate and lurk you into an unknown world? It is an awesome view but something is truly missing here.

Now what’s missing? Here!

The initial thought I had about this picture was it looked great. Nice shot! But, as I looked longer at it, I saw emptiness. Even the most awesome picture looks empty without life. What is missing is a happy family putting on their best smiles for the picture. What is missing is a bunch of children running and playing tag on the bridge. What is missing is a pair of father and daughter having a great time fishing. What is missing is a pair of mother and son cuddling each other while they are captured in their most unexpected moment. The memories of great moments captured through a camera last us a life time. That is what life all about! Are we still missing something here?

Have you seen a couple who recently experienced the arrival of their new born? Can you imagine their excitement and dedication to this new child born to the family? They spend their entire time trying to make this child happy, including daily activities such as feeding, burping, changing diapers, singing the baby to sleep. How much time do we spend with our children and spouses lately? Are we still missing something here?

Besides emptiness, I saw loneliness. We may have the greatest career happening for us. Yet not able to share that sense of excitement with our loved ones sparks a feeling of loneliness within us. We are meant to share our lives with others, especially our families.

Don’t miss out on this!

If you have taken your loved ones for granted lately, through this design, EHOP Designs hopes to remind everyone the importance of having your families close to you. Your family should be precious to you, because without them, success is nothing!


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