Welcome to EHOP Designs

Welcome to EHOP Designs

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A Dream To Pursue

One of the most interesting projects that I have done, is the creation of EHOP Designs. EHOP Designs is an online store on Cafepress selling designer T-shirts and gifts with an objective to promote good  healthy family values . Divorce rates are on the rise over the recent years in United States and several countries all over the world. Unfortunately, many of our children and teenagers who come from dysfunctional families learn to think that divorce is common.

I want to reverse that trend. We need to lead by example showing our children that they are loved and they matter to us as parents. At the same time, enjoying the stability of healthy and loving families. Our children should never carry a burden which is not meant for them. If we want to end this unhealthy cycle of destruction, it  begins with us! We need to stop anything that destroys our families.

The Birth of EHOP Designs

So the birth of EHOP Designs begins! EHOP Designs comes from a vision to bless. Eileen’s House Of Plenty (EHOP) hopes to bless you and your family. Meanwhile to support websites that build good family values and to change this downward spiral of destruction to families by changing the Law to protect the faithful and their children from losing their families’ shared assets in the hope of saving their families. Sadly, all 50 states have embraced No-Fault Divorce Law. Nothing is done to protect the innocent. We need proper laws to protect them and their children. On a personal note, our family is a victim of such a law. New change has to take place soon before more families are destroyed through this law. I write this so that others are aware of the devastation this No-Fault Divorce law can bring, not just to my family but also to yours. We also hope to see change in our family courts system.

Can I Be An Agent Of Change For Families?

Many causes need our attention right now. But, we choose this because our family is closest to our hearts. We hope to extend to families that are going through similar situations and who need support to help them get through their ordeals. We encourage you to come on board and help us fulfill this vision. If you believe like we do that families are important, not just to each other, but also to the overall well-being of our nation, then take a stand to support building more healthy and stable families. You never know, one day your family may need others to stand by you. You can make that difference!

As a christian family, we are not ashamed. We believe ” In God we trust! ” Till this day, we believe our founders of this nation are Christians and they stood by what they believe. We are what we are today because of them! They laid that foundation for our nation simply because this nation is meant to be a blessing to others. If our internal structure is broken in so many ways, how can we stay and remain as a blessing to other nations? We truly need changes but not for the worse. We need God to be in the core center of all that we do. We need restoration! This nation needs to be restored to its rightful place. A nation that brings blessings! We need to pursue a dream for our families, a dream that is worthy of our nation! The answer is Yes, you can be an agent of change for many families!

From Ours to Yours,


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