A Legacy Of Love Or Destruction?

A Legacy Of Love Or Destruction?


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Food For Thought

One of my favorite designs from EHOP on a throw pillow has a question: “What would you leave behind for your children..” follows by: “A legacy of love or destruction?” Interestingly, this question has 2 parts to it. One attempts to examine on material inheritance, while the other, attempts to examine on abstract concepts but nonetheless real.

An article (Science Daily) 2007, reports that the life expectancy of an American reaches 78 years of age. For simplicity sake, if an average person gets married and sets up his/her family at the age of 28-30 years, an average person has about 48-50 years of influence in the lives of his/her children. Looking at these figures, if one marries before the age of 28, and is blessed with a family earlier, one has more years of influence. Now knowing that, what do we do with these 50 years we have with our children? What have we imparted into their lives thus far? Isn’t it scary, just thinking about this? This is exactly what I’m attempting to remind ourselves today..

A Wake Up Call

If we begin to realize the seriousness of our roles as parents, this question: “What would you leave behind for your children.. A legacy of love or destruction? is a good question to ask. If we spend 50 years imparting destructive behaviors to our children, then, our children grow up imparting such behaviors to their children and it goes on from generation to generation. But, if we do otherwise, teaching our children good moral principles in life, their lives would turn out different. Do we want our children to be good, positive contributors to our society?

There is a close co-relation between the upbringing of individuals and their future. Many criminals come from broken families. According to The Morning Call, the article states that 70% of criminals are from broken homes. I hope this article will become a wake up call for many families not just for United States, but worldwide. We need to think twice, three times or even more, in regards to divorcing our spouses. For whatever reasons we may have in supporting divorce, we need to know what impact our decision would have on our children.

Seek Solutions Not Destruction

If we live in an environment unhealthy for our families, then we need to leave that environment. We need to seek what’s best for our families. If our spouses are trapped in unhealthy habits, we need solutions not abandonment. If there is a lack of communication between spouses, seek a bridge to build the communication not adultery. If there is no more love between spouses, seek ways to re-kindle that love, instead of ending it through a divorce. Ultimately, let us learn to find solutions instead of destruction. In the heart of a family is love. If whatever we pursue is led by love, then we know for sure we are bounded by protection and security. If we seek to love and respect our spouses, we teach our children love by our examples. If we seek to disrespect and hurt our spouses, we teach our children destruction by our examples. If we want leave a legacy of love for our children, we need to first begin treating our spouses rightly so. Otherwise, what we leave behind is a path of destruction and there is no hope for our children to be good, positive contributors to our society. At worst, we are investing our time creating future criminals for our society. Isn’t it scary?


We can leave behind wealth and fortune for our children. That’s great! But, wouldn’t it be even more awesome if we leave a legacy of love that they can enjoy with their children, nurtured in hope, joy and peace? Think about this!


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